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"It is through the strong will and desire of each of us to actively participate in social relations that society coalesces and can exist as a functional whole. It is here that the crucial need arises for a framework that will prevent free individuals from descending in unbridled individualism. We must find the fulcrum on which people can develop the strength of will required to be proactive, robust and engaged. Unleashing the vitality of ordinary citizens -- one by one -- is the only way to bring into sight the horizons of a new civilization, a new era of the people."

Daisaku Ikeda. (2006). A New Era of the People: Forging a Global Network of Robust Individuals.

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Organizational Supporters

NEWPEACE welcomes individuals and organizations to join as members. Membership details are coming soon.

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NEWPEACE welcomes individuals and organizations to work as volunteers in diverse capacities together with our staff, members and affiliate organizations. Details forthcoming.

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