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"The twentieth century was a century of war and peace, a century of politics and economics. The dawning twenty-first century holds the promise, however, to be a century of humanity and culture, a century of science and religion. Advance on this wonderful new path of humanism with pride and confidence, as gallant philosophers of action."

Daisaku Ikeda, Wisdom for Modern Life, November 11, 2000

At NEWPEACE, Inc. we pride ourselves in supporting the making of daily contributions in art, culture and education toward the well-being of individuals and all humanity.


While sharing common values for peaceful coexistence, we strive to increase the opportunity of each individual in the community. 


Our staff members are a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of skills and expertise. Our goal is to make a difference in the new era by developing an organization of global citizens who are dedicated to active worldwide engagement and to serve the pressing contemporary needs of enhancing human happiness and well-being.  


Seeking to further the purpose of philanthropy through the promotion of  peaceful exchange as is shown to emerge from the broadminded and more humanitarian alternative diplomatic tools such as art, culture and education, our goal is to build foundational relationships that can help ensure a brighter future for humanity.


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Global Warming and Climate Change 2018 (TIIKM)



Third International Conference on Communication & Media Studies



Eleventh International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts & Responses


"It is through the strong will and desire of each of us to actively participate in social relations that society coalesces and can exist as a functional whole. It is here that the crucial need arises for a framework that will prevent free individuals from descending in unbridled individualism. We must find the fulcrum on which people can develop the strength of will required to be proactive, robust and engaged. Unleashing the vitality of ordinary citizens -- one by one -- is the only way to bring into sight the horizons of a new civilization, a new era of the people."

Daisaku Ikeda. (2006). A New Era of the People: Forging a Global Network of Robust Individuals

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